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We have collected the huge base of advertisers from all over the world so you can get maximum profit from each click or thousands of impressions. Specially designed promotional materials will help to monetize traffic without any difficulties. Use banners, videos, mobile ads of the necessary sizes. Easy set up and quick start. It is easy to earn with us: just add the code to your page and start making money.

  • Cost Per Mille

    Place banners on your resources and get money for every thousand views

  • Cost Per Click

    Select one of the dozens of promotional materials, set the affiliate code into your site and earn money for every click on the advertisement by users.

  • Cost Per Video

    Take advantage of the CPM model to start video campaigns and to capture the attention of your target audience. Use all the benefits of VAST ad format to achieve the willing results.

Do you want to monetize
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When it comes to monetization, we go beyond satisfaction of our publishers' needs. We empower our publishers to use their traffic more effectively and make profit out of a large amount of traffic across multiple channels. Our reporting and unique analytical tools will let you track the most effective traffic channels and increase your fill rate and profit.

Monetizations Solutions

200 + countries coverage from advertisers with high rates on the market on CPC, CPM, CPV payment models . We accept all traffic types.

Dedicated support team

We help publishers to increase profit, working with such advertising formats as search, contextual blocks, widgets, direct links, standard banners. We deal with video, native advertising and mobile ads, support XML and graphical feed.

Real-time reporting

The detailed statistics on GEOs, clicks, eCPM and all the necessary parameters will help you to get a report for selected period: by hour, day, month.

We work with trusted advertisers and guarantee quick and on-time payouts. Register with us and increase your profit several times today

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We do our best to build and save our advertisers' trust. We choose our publishers carefully and guarantee each ad reaches its targeted audience at the right time. Our dedicated managers work with our clients on a daily basis to plan the best ways of getting perfect results thanks to the optimization, analysis and monitoring of advertising campaigns.

Connecting Business with Customers

1 Real-time bidding

Real-time bidding technology makes maximum clicks or impressions at low rates. We generate 1.5+ billion impressions and 25+ million clicks.

2 Excellent results

A wide range of advertising promotional materials will allow you to get target customers, depending on your goals and objectives.

3 Optimized advertising

24/7 Professional support will help to optimize advertising campaigns so that you can get maximum profit and high ROI.


Adsbizarre is the leading digital marketing company working on CPC, CPV, CPM models. Our efforts aim at the combination of our experience in the industry with your company's goals and it allows you to expand your business, build the most effective and income-generating plan. We are eager to create the best conditions and opportunities for advertisers, agencies and publishers. Whether you want to buy or sell inventory, our advanced and multi-channel decisions provide you with an individual opportunity to optimize your results and take an advantage of today's highly competitive advertising technologies market.

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